Our Big Data consulting services can help you make smarter business decisions to improve profitability, business growth and service quality.

Get more from your data.

Today, businesses of all sizes must make data-driven decisions in order to stay competitive. Large volumes of data, generated through user or client interactions, social media, devices, and connected hardware, can provide valuable insights when analyzed properly. These insights can enable all employees to make better decisions—deepening customer engagement, optimizing operations, preventing threats and fraud, and capitalizing on new sources of revenue.

N&R Consulting enables data intelligence for our clients with Hadoop consulting and development services. With specific expertise using Hadoop technologies and all of its ecosystem components, we can help your business build an innovative solution to meet your large data processing needs.


About Hadoop 

Hadoop powered data solutions are considered the best in the industry, making it critical for any business handling Big Data. It is scalable, agile, feature-rich, cost-effective, and has adopted by thousands of renowned enterprises worldwide for data management and analytics.

Key Features

  • Efficently process terabytes of data in minutes and petabytes in hours

  • Able to handle limitless concurrent tasks or jobs

  • Stores multiple copies of all data automatically

  • Allows businesses to easily access new data sources to derive valuable insights

  • Entire framework is open-source with no licensing fees for base software

  • Useful across a range of industries and for a multitude of case uses

Our Services

Our team of experts can provide unique insight and help with every aspect of your Hadoop deployment, from its installation and architecture to its configuration and optimization.

 Hadoop Consulting

  • Business case analysis and development

  • Architecture and platform development

  • Hadoop deployment, installation and setup

  • Cluster capacity planning

  • Data modeling

  • Hadoop performance tuning

  • Data warehouse migration

  • Hadoop cluster upgrades

  • POC through production solution; plan, build, deploy

  • Security requirements analysis, design, and implementation

 Hadoop Support

  • 24×7 Hadoop administration

  • Ongoing business outcomes optimizations of applications, data, and infrastructure

  • Hadoop cluster performance monitoring

  • Proactive and reactive monitoring

  • Continuous improvements and upgrades

  • Ongoing new data integration

  • Problem resolution, root-cause analysis, and corrective actions

Need to create Big Data solutions for your business? Our team is ready to help.